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Intervene before warning signs become problems

Through our motor vehicle courses you can learn essential car maintenance skills to help keep your vehicle in its best condition. Catching signs of a problem before they become one.

Considering going electric?

Come along to one of our one-day introduction courses to electric and hybrid vehicles where you will be shown how the cars work and how to perform routine maintenance.

Take the opportunity to learn necessary skills which will keep your car in good working condition. On our part time courses you can learn about engine maintenance, oil changes, brake system maintenance, and tire replacement. With these new skills under your belt, you can diagnose and fix common issues that arise with your car before they cost you valuable time and money.

Learn in our multi-bay motor vehicle workshop

At our Abingdon Campus we have a motor vehicle workshop which replicates a real working garage.

It’s multi-bay layout provides 13 vehicle lifts and ample space in which you can comfortably learn essential car maintenance skills.

To keep up with current technology, we have recently refurbished our motor vehicle space to accommodate for electric vehicle training.

In this new space you can learn what electric vehicles have to offer and how to maintain an electric or hybrid vehicle should you choose to purchase one.