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Computing Students tour Bletchley Park

13th May 2024

In April, our Level 2 Computing students headed to Bletchley Park, famously known as the base where British codebreakers cracked the German Enigma code used by the military in World War II.

The headquarters is now home to the National Museum of Computing, with exhibitions following the development of computing from the 1940s through to the rise of modern computing and mobile systems.

Our students began their visit with an exhibition on the modern computing revolution, focusing on computers in the early 80’s. Throughout the day they enjoyed engaging talks and hands-on exhibitions which gave them the opportunity to interact with and experience the evolution of technology.

The museum’s focus on British developers provided brilliant inspiration for our students and what they could achieve after college.

Following their trip Mark, our Computing Lecturer shared:

“It’s not often you get to access a time machine, but our Level 2 Computing students did just that whilst visiting the National Museum of Computing. The museum showed our students just how important Britain was in the development of computing and how societal change supercharged our reputation, with our claim to producing some of the world’s finest developers today – and of course the incredible trip concluded with a compulsory stop at the gift shop!”

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