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Facilities to match your musical ambition

Our purpose-built studios and recording suites at the Witney campus are a hive of creative and technical activity, and are full of the latest digital tools offering you a unique opportunity to study your passion.

Tuning up your career prospects

Our courses have led to real-life success stories, including Lewis Watson (signed by Warner Records), Ellie Fletcher, aka KYIKI (solo artist and singer for Crystal Fighters), and Jamie McKivitt (backline technician for Bring Me The Horizon and owner of Witney Music Studios).

For you, music is more than listening to your favourite playlists and going to gigs...

It's about discovering how music can be created and manipulated by technology, and how the latest software and hardware can be used to process music into unique and exciting forms.

Practical skills will develop by rotating between three key areas – performing with a wide range of instruments, studio recording, and editing in the Mac suites.

We also focus on coaching softer skills alongside technical skills, providing a resilience toolkit to help build your confidence, experience and grit that’s required to make it as a freelancer or with a company.

Many students start the course with one idea of what they want to do, and then discover different specialisms, but whatever inspires you, the opportunities are there!

Staff Profile: John Wright

Staff Profile: John Wright

After playing Guitar/Bass in bands for several years, John studied Music Technology at Gateway (Kingston University) and worked as a Studio Engineer in Maidenhead & Coventry.

Whilst working as a Studio Engineer, he was asked to run a training course in Recording, and subsequently began teaching Music Technology for several Colleges in the area"

John now works at our Witney Campus as an Instructor/Technician, sharing with his students his knowledge of Live Sound and Recording.

“We have dedicated Soundproof Studios for delivering Music Tech which allow us to record and produce music without worrying about any noise complaints!

We also have a variety of equipment which enables us to explore different aspects of the Music Industry and provide opportunities to our students for essential practical experience.

We provide a variety of sessions for learners of different abilities and with different intended career paths.

At the College, students are able to work towards gaining skills for a particular role within Industry. This means that they have the potential to be Sound Engineers, Performers, Producers, DJs, etc.

We work hard to maintain the quality and content of our Music course and it is always great to hear of the success of our students as they begin their career in the industry, and how they valued the time they spent with us right at the very beginning.”

Staff Profile: Paddy Collett

Staff Profile: Paddy Collett

Paddy studied Music Production & Sound Engineering BA (Hons) at Point Blank Music School in London, before moving to Oxford Brookes University where he completed a PGCE, specialising in Music Technology.

He has always been fascinated by electronic dance music. Since turning 18, he has been involved in numerous underground music events across Oxford and London, holding multiple DJ residencies and getting involved in the running, marketing and promoting of such events.

While studying for his undergraduate degree, Paddy was fortunate enough to gain experience working across different music studios and venues across London, spending time honing and developing his skill sets whilst also learning about how different sectors of the music industry are managed and operated.

Paddy now shares his knowledge and passion through his role as the Study Programme Lead and Lecturer for Music Technology.

“When I ask my students what they like the most about the course and college, nearly always, there is the same answer; freedom of choice.

What college offers is freedom for all students to pursue a qualification in a specialism they are passionate about, providing all with various opportunities to help support and guide their practice, ensuring that they are best prepared for work within their chosen industry.”

“Something that I would say to all those joining the course or currently studying on one; take every opportunity you are given to ensure your success!

Two years may seem like a long time, but it will fly by, so take all the support and guidance you are given to maximise your chance of getting the job you want or that the university offers you worked so hard for.

Within music technology, we are always on hand to help support your practice in whatever way we can; we want you to succeed, so all you've got to do is ask."

Did you know?

Getting insights into the world of work is crucial – previous students have benefited from visiting BBC Broadcasting House, Animex, and Pinewood Studios.

Music & Performing Arts is Oxfordshire's second highest creative industry for number of businesses in the region.


Previous school:
King Alfred's Academy

I travel on two buses to get here, because nowhere else can teach this course, it's very specialist! If you want to find a route into music, this is the place to hone your craft.

The equipment's great, and I really like how I can collaborate with other artists, from a mix of different genres, and form a community of like-minded, creative people.

At the moment I'm working in a music shop in Wantage alongside my studies, and I'm gradually setting up my own home studio to record in.


Previous school:
Cherwell School

I’ve always been fascinated with the mechanics of sound, the power of music and the philosophy that surrounds creative thought. As a result, this course seemed an appropriate choice as it addresses these interests.

Being here, I mostly enjoy the creative sessions that take place in the Mac suite and live room/studio.

I like the community feel and the personal approach to teaching. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by creative energy too.

We’re treated with an initial level of respect that’s rare in school. The general idea is to treat students with the respect that the tutors/teachers expect from you and vise-versa.

I was recommended by a friend who attends my course, but I was swayed by the college’s facilities, which are very good.


Previous school:
Bartholomew School

After searching for music courses I could do after school, the College came up and I went along to an open day – I was really impressed after seeing the studios and I decided then to apply online.

Everyone looks forward to getting into the studio. There's no shortage of opportunites to collobarate with other musicians, bringing your specialities and the genres you're passionate about to influence other works.

The best part of the course is where we work on our personal projects. You can use your creative input more and it emphasises the course that we do, creatively using your own style to produce music.

Your future career

Music Artist

Backstage Producer

Event Manager

Music Journalist

Music Producer

Sound Recorder/Engineer

Tour Manager

Music Technology courses

Music Performance and Production Level 3

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Equipped to industry-standard, our Music Technology Suite at Witney campus is the ideal place to take your skills to the next level. The teaching and technician team are highly-skilled professionals who encourage our students to develop both their te...

11th Sep 2023 - 5th Jul 2024

Monday to Friday

Music Technology

Witney Campus

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