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Apprenticeships in Information Technology

We offer IT Apprenticeships which specialise in Hardware and Software Solutions.

Develop, implement, and maintain complete IT solutions

IT Solution Technicians develop, implement, and maintain IT solutions such as networks, operating systems and applications.

Through this apprenticeship, you can learn to diagnose and understand client requirements and problems, communicate effectively, and operate securely in line with organisational guidance and legislation.

Technical, analytical, business, and user focused tasks

As an IT Solution Technician, you will get involved in a variety of tasks. Some tasks may be very technical, others may be more analytical, business or user focused.

You will learn a range of concepts, approaches, and techniques applicable to IT solutions.

You’ll study the principles of Solution Architecture, the aims and benefits of DevOps approaches, and the differences and benefits of Waterfall and Agile type methodologies.

You will practice planning and delivering with your role, understanding how your contributions affect your wider team and organisation.

By the end of your apprenticeship you will have developed a comprehensive understanding of the main legislation, policies and standards that apply to IT solutions, including professional ethics, privacy and confidentiality.