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Apprenticeships in Horticulture

Looking for a practical and hands-on career? Take a look at what our Horticulture apprenticeships have to offer.

Learn to create and maintain green spaces to be enjoyed

As a Horticulture or Landscape Operative, you could be employed to work in public parks and gardens, green spaces, historic gardens, private gardens and estates, or in production nurseries and retail outlets.

No matter where you are based, a career in Horticulture will enable you to work outdoors year-round; curating green spaces to showcase the best of each season.

Develop your knowledge of planting and green space maintenance

Through our Horticulture apprenticeships you will gain an understanding and appreciation of the importance and benefits of green space.

You will be taught best practice for plant growth and development; learning about plant nutrition and growth requirements to ensure your practice best suits the environmental conditions you learn in.

Alongside developing your practical skills, you will also develop your knowledge of business practices and policies, learning how to balance environmental care with commercial pressure.

You will be taught project management skills and learn how to provide effective and timely communication to foster strong relationships with customers and colleagues.

Apprenticeship Horticulture courses

Horticulture Operative Level 2 Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship XMZN301P

Horticulture or landscape operatives can be employed to work in public parks and gardens, green spaces and historic gardens, private gardens and estates or in production nurseries and retail outlets....

Flexible Start - 31st Jul 2024



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