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Software Developer Level 4 Apprenticeship

Course code: XMZV502P

Subject area: Apprentices

Study level: Apprenticeship

Course level: 4

Course details

Course time:

09:00 - 17:00

Days of week:


Course date:

1st Aug 2024 - 31st Jul 2025

Course location:

Off Site

Contact details


01235 216 216

The Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship provides a solid foundation for aspiring software developers to build advanced technical skills and expertise. It prepares apprentices for successful careers in the fast-paced and dynamic field of software development. As a Software Developer Apprentice you will be responsible for understanding a client's requirements, as provided in design specification, and then build and test high-quality code solutions to deliver the best outcome. This apprenticeship focuses on equipping apprentices with the advanced technical skills and knowledge required to pursue a career as a professional software developer. You will learn to a comprehensive understanding of software development principles, methodologies, and tools, preparing apprentices for roles in software companies, tech startups, or IT departments.
Duration: • 24 months practical training period, plus 6 months for End Point AssessmentDelivery model: • Work-based training with your employer • Day release during term time (approx. 36 days per year) • Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English (7 days at college for each, if required) • Off the job training will count for at least 6 hours a week of an apprentice’s time at work
Course units
The Apprenticeship comprises several key duties that apprentices must demonstrate proficiency in, encompassing knowledge, skills, and behaviours: Duty 1: Interpret software requirements to estimate effort accurately for cost. Duty 2: Break down software tasks logically for optimal sequencing and quality. Duty 3: Report progress across development stages for audit trails. Duty 4: Identify and address development impediments with practical solutions. Duty 5: Translate customer needs into technical specifications. Duty 6: Select appropriate technical solutions based on best practices. Duty 7: Communicate software solutions effectively to stakeholders. Duty 8: Incorporate security into software design from inception. Duty 9: Write maintainable software meeting design and coding standards. Duty 10: Implement security practices throughout development. Duty 11: Maintain project documentation detailing development processes. Duty 12: Apply recovery techniques to safeguard development progress. Duty 13: Implement change control processes for effective management. Duty 14: Conduct unit testing for issue identification and resolution. Duty 15: Execute comprehensive testing to ensure software quality. Duty 16: Deliver well-documented deployable solutions to customers. Duty 17: Support software deployment phases for successful outcomes. Duty 18: Provide post-release support to customers and mitigate risks. Duty 19: Adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for efficient resource allocation. Duty 20: Address software issues with appropriate bug fixes. Duty 21: Engage in continuous self-learning for professional development.
What next?
Upon successful completion of the Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship, apprentices can progress to higher-level qualifications or pursue careers such as: Software Engineers Full-Stack Developers Application Developers Technical Leads
Entry criteria
Applicants are likely to have 5 GCSEs A*- C / 9 - 4, including Maths and English, or equivalent, and will need to demonstrate the ability to achieve all elements of the apprenticeship during their programme, including working in a suitable job role. If you do not have the the equivalent Maths and English grades please do contact us for advice.
Fee information
Free to apprentices. This apprenticeship has a £18,000 funding band. Depending on age some small companies will need to contribute £900 toward the funding; large companies could pay through the apprenticeship levy if they have funds available.
Qualifications received
Level 4 Apprenticeship in Software Developer (Pass, Merit or Distinction)
Learning & method assessment
The apprenticeship will involve a combination of classroom-based learning, practical workshops, coding projects, and real-world software development tasks. Assessment methods may include coding assignments, project demonstrations, exams, and a final portfolio showcasing the apprentice's software development capabilities. At the end of the taught content the Apprentice will undertake an external End Point Assessment which will include two assessments: Assessment method 1: Work-based project with questioning Assessment method 2: Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio
User skills
You will develop skills in a range of competencies to be able to prove competence as a employed Software Developer. This occupation is found across every sector for example, Financial Services, Computer Gaming, Retail, Transport, Security and Defence in organisations ranging from large multi-nationals, public sector bodies and government projects developing multi-billion-pound software solutions to support key projects to small consultancy firms designing bespoke software solutions for clients. The broad purpose of the occupation is to understand a client's requirements as provided in design specification and then build and test high-quality code solutions to deliver the best outcome. Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or another device. Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or that control networks.