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From magical musicals to pantomimes full of punchlines, the performing arts theatre in Abingdon offers a unique learning experience for our students.

Over the year, the department put on five productions (sometimes more!) for friends and family, local schools in the community, and ticketed shows for the paying public. There is generous tiered seating for more than 50 attendees, providing plenty of good views to watch the drama unfold.

For any good performance, a well-designed set is needed. Backstage Production students have scaffolding and staging equipment at their disposal to help build the sets and the rigging, whilst a gantry above the seating area allows students to control the sound and lighting and monitor the performances.

Adjacent to theatre is the double dance studio. This means students can seamlessly work between the two facilities, moving from dance and singing rehearsals in the studio, and then back to the theatre to practice performances.