Missed one of our webinars?

From information about what life is like at the College, to specific insights into our courses, you can find all of our webinars here.

November Virtual Open Day Webinars

A series of informative live talks from our staff at the November Virtual Open Day.

T-Levels Webinar

Helen Brown (Head of Study Programmes) provides an informative discussion on T-Levels in general and the College's 2021 T-Level offer.

Wednesday Webinars

A series of webinars held throughout the summer in 2020, covering a wide range of topics.

Your Future Career

Date: July 22nd 2020
Presenters: Megan Ette (Careers Advisor), Dani Smith (Bursary Co-ordinator)

Subjects covered include how apprenticeships work, how to apply for a bursary and what types of course fees it will cover, applying for a SEND programme and general information on the most appropriate route to the career you want to achieve.

Adult Learning Opportunities

Date: August 5th 2020
Presenters: Angela Hayles (Head of Faculty for TOBES), Sue Funge (Curriculum Manager for OAL)

Exploring Adult Learning opportunities, topics included financial support for part-time courses, the range of professional courses such as ILM and AAT, the importance of part-time study for improving mental health and more.

Pre-Clearing Options

Date: August 12th 2020
Presenters: Zoe Profit (Admissions), Rebecca Philbrook (Head of Higher Education & Marketing)

Here we explore the options available to students in the run-up to Clearing for Higher Education courses, how the UCAS application process works, and options available to students if they want to change their studies.

Pre-GCSE results

Date: August 19th 2020
Presenters: Elaine Day (Curriculum Manager 16-18 GCSE English and Maths), Helen Brown (Head of Study Programmes)

Topics include what different levels of courses actually mean, what grades are necessary to get onto a Level 3 programme and how we teach and support students to achieve their English and Maths qualifications.

16+ Choices For September

Date: August 26th 2020
Presenters: Nikki Almond (Quality Lead Student Experience), Sue Godfrey (Exams & Admissions Manager), Danni Smith (Bursaries Administrator)

The questions raised covered subjects such as what grades are necessary to get onto a Level 3 programme, the options available if you need to re-take your English or maths qualifications and what Covid-19 safety arrangements are in place for the start of the new term.