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UCAS Top Tips

24th Mar 2020

We spoke to our dedicated careers team, to find out what their top UCAS tips are​:-


    Spend the time to look at what courses are offered where. Some courses might have the same name at different universities, but when you look at the course module content break down, they could be quite different.

    2. Location, location and location

      You will spend usually 3-4 years at university, often living away from home so it’s important to consider where you want to live. Do you prefer the rural countryside, city life or a coastal town?

      It is always a good idea to visit the university's open ​day, not only to find out more about the course but to get a good feel for the area. Why not take the student bus to where off-campus students live and take a wander around the area?

      3. How much contact time do you want?

      Universities differ on how much contact time is given - i.e. lectures, tutorials, and seminars.Think about if you thrive off independent study, or prefer face to face time with teachers?

      You can usually find the ratio of contact time/independent study on the university website.

      4. Does their examination process suit you?

      All degrees will require some form of the examination process​; to monitor your progress and give you appropriate marks. However, there is a great difference in how universities choose to do this. Some universities may primarily use traditional closed book examination methods, whereas others may use coursework, project work and case study work- with many using a combination of them all. Read into how your universities of interest do theirs, as you may have a preference for exams or coursework.

      5. Check the entry requirements

      Each course within a university will have its own unique entry requirements, so make sure to check. Some courses look at GCSEs as well as college grades/A Levels.

      6. Write a convincing UCAS personal statement

      Make use of our excellent careers team who can assist in this.

      Email to arrange a chat.