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Public Service students test their conflict resolution skills in scenario based practical

25th Mar 2024

This month, our Level 3 Public Service students took part in a practical scenario-based assignment which replicated stressful situations encountered every day by members of the Public Services.

The scenarios, designed with support from Thames Valley Police, provided our students with an opportunity to practice de-escalation techniques, and seeking resolutions for realistic scenarios in a safe environment.

Lecturer Will Williams, organised the assessment, created seven stations across the Abingdon Campus, each with volunteering actors who recreated a unique situation requiring intervention from the students.

The scenarios encompassed various challenges, such as mediating arguments, addressing vehicle noise disturbances, taking statements from victims, and resolving neighbourhood disputes. All enabling our students to showcase their newly learnt communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Whilst resolving the scenarios, the students were also tasked with using radios and radio voice procedures to relay information back to a central team, located within a lecture room onsite.

Prior to their assessment, the students had studied the theory of teamwork and leadership, learnt how to effectively use non-verbal and verbal communication techniques to defuse conflict, and practiced how to use active listening to help solve problems and achieve preferred outcomes.

Congratulations to all our Public Services students for your brilliant and confident demonstration of communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

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