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Pathway 2 students celebrate the Platinum Jubilee at The Coffee Shed

2nd Jun 2022

Customers at The Coffee Shed Witney have been treated to a spectacular Platinum Jubilee celebration courtesy of our #Pathway2 students this week. Postage stamp bunting and a Queen Elizabeth II poster made up of amazing illustrations of swans, corgis, stamps, crowns and, of course, the Union Jack decorated the windows for everyone to see ready for the weekend's festivities.

Course Tutor, Sam Sheppard, explains: "Pathway 2 responded to an advert about helping The Coffee Shed in Witney on The Leys decorate their windows with art displays to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, for everyone to see.

"We sent a couple of students down to ask what they were looking for and shared our ideas with them, which they were happy with.

"Over the week we produced 'postage stamp bunting' to go around the window and one of our student's Aidan, worked on making a central art piece - Queen Elizabeth II Profile Platinum Jubilee Poster containing amazing illustrations of swans, corgis, stamps, the Union Jack, crowns etc.

The Coffee Shed were very pleased with the display."