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Nine to five ain’t no way to make a livin’!

18th Jun 2022

Pouring themselves a cup of ambition last week were our Performing Arts students, who sold out four performances of the Dolly Parton classic ‘Nine to Five’ at our Abingdon campus theatre.

The show was double-casted, meaning not one but two stellar casts took turns to perform in front of delighted audiences - and, of course, behind the scenes were our backstage technicians, the ones that make everything happen!

We also welcomed back some familiar faces as some of our wonderful ex-students attended both casts’ performances to show their support for everyone at the end of year show.

Due to Covid this was the first full-length performance our current intake of students had been able to take part in. Cast member, Emma Whayman, explains:

“Because of Covid restrictions last year we did three thirty minute shows with small casts, so the audience watched The Adamms Family, Soho Cinders and Sweet Charity with five minute breaks in between. It was great but I’m really glad we got to do a full length performance this year”.

It is always sad to see our students leave us but very exciting that we are sure to see them joining our other Performing Arts alumni performing in television, theatre, musicals and film around the world.

Performing Arts Course Leader, Nicola Pratley, said: “This was an extremely ambitious project that was a big challenge for all the students. After initially feeling like we had bitten off more than we could chew, opening night arrived and it was fantastic! The staff and students worked incredibly hard to make this show a success and we are so pleased we got to end the year on such a high! The second years will be greatly missed but I wish them the best of luck in their future training, Performers, Italia Conti and Chichester to name but a few!”

If you would like to be part of the next cohort of talented students dancing, singing, acting, performing - and working extremely hard! - enrol on one of our Performing Arts courses Here.