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Media students film College Principal for student documentary

9th Mar 2023

On Thursday 2nd March a group of Level 3 Media students from our Witney Campus interviewed College Principal Jacqui Canton as part of their course project.

The group were assigned the challenge of making a documentary about a project they resonated with. Bethany, Brandon, Charlie, and Lara all wanted to focus their documentary on the cost of living crisis and how it was impacting local businesses. They chose to compare the impact on three different companies: one in education, one in retail and one from the food industry.

“When we started the project, we all brainstormed and made a mind-map about what we wanted to do our documentary about. Our tutor then grouped together people who had a similar idea. The four of us had all chosen to do something around the cost of living crisis.” - Bethany

The students began by filming a sit-down interview with Jacqui, finding out more about the essential costs of running a college and how costs have recently increased. Jacqui shared an insight into the business side of running the College; explaining how it wasn’t just the overhead costs which have increased, but also the cost of teaching materials such as the wood used in construction classes.

After the interview concluded, the group took to the campus grounds, getting a variety of B roll footage to be used in transition scenes. During the day, the students each took on a different role; Lara led the interview and Charlie filmed, whilst Brandon and Bethany looked after the sound and microphone quality.

The students filmed the rest of their interviews towards the end of last week and they will spend this week each editing their own final documentary. Each student will put together their own edit and the group are excited to see and compare how their different takes on the edit will make their final projects turn out.

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