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Celebrations across the College as GCSE November resit results come in

2nd Feb 2024

Across the College, celebrations have taken place as our full-time students have received their anticipated GCSE English and maths November resit results.

At Abingdon & Witney College we are always looking for the best ways to help our students build their confidence in English and maths; helping them to understand what they’re learning and why it is important for their next steps.

We tailor our English and maths lessons to the subjects that our students are learning and integrate AI technology into early assessments to help us pinpoint our student’s strengths, and to find the areas where we can best support their improvement.

The celebrations on November resit results day are a testament to the continuous hard work of our students and Lecturers, and we are delighted to share so many of their positive stories.

'I am justifiably proud of our students in both English and maths who continuously impress me with their motivation to improve, their drive for success and, ultimately, their well-deserved, stunning results. Altogether brilliant achievements across the College.' – Elaine Day, Curriculum Manager for English and maths.

In light of their hard work and determination, maths Lecturer Rachel highlighted two of her students from the Common Leys Campus, Caitlin and Ed.

"I am immensely proud of Caitlin and Ed. They worked extremely hard and achieved their grade 4 due to their unwavering determination to get that all important grade in GCSE Maths. They were always a pleasure to have in the classroom and were model students, who have demonstrated to others what you can achieve with hard work! The English and maths department always strives to give all our students the opportunity to reach their full potential in a nurturing environment. As a department we are exam focused and use our extensive experience in the delivery of the English and Maths GCSE curriculums to tailor our teaching to help our students achieve their goals." - Rachel, maths Lecturer

In a recent interview, they shared some top tips and words of advice for Year 11s preparing for their upcoming exams in the summer.

“The best bit of advice I was given at College is to treat maths as a language. You can’t pass until you fully understand it, and in the end its your perseverance that is important. If I could give advice to a Year 11, I’d tell them not to give up on their exams. It does not matter if you do not get the grades first time, it just matters that you try again. Persevere and it will pay off!” – Ed, Animal Care Level 3 student.

“If I could give advice to a Year 11, I’d tell them to try their best but to not let it get to them if they don’t get it first time. It doesn’t have to stop you from going onto the next step; we’ve all continued onto our College courses and passed our maths exams alongside. The tutors at the College are really approachable, and great at getting us all involved in each lesson. You always feel like you can go to them if you need support.” – Caitlin, Equine Level 2 student.