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Lee Stafford visits Abingdon Campus for masterclass

18th Nov 2019

Hairdressing students welcomed award-winning hairdresser and entrepreneur Lee Stafford to our Abingdon Campus for a masterclass!

Lee said: “The students learnt several new ‘recipes’ which will help them with this course and their career. The masterclass is a fantastic opportunity to meet each other and discuss all the great opportunities within the industry. The students got an insight into what it takes to succeed in this profession.”

Lee Stafford demonstrating
Lee Stafford demonstrating a recipe

Nicole, a student in the masterclass said: “The masterclass was inspiring. I feel really motivated about developing into this industry. The skills and techniques we watched today during the demo will really help me with my upcoming practical assessments.”

Lee Stafford demonstrating on a student
Lee Stafford demonstrating on a student