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Annual student conference empowers students across the College

6th May 2024

On 26th April Abingdon & Witney College held its annual student conference, bringing together 100 students from across the Abingdon, Witney, and Common Leys Farm campuses.

Each year, the College’s student conference provides a pivotal opportunity for senior leaders to hear the brilliant ideas of our students, and for empowered students to contribute to the future direction of the College.

Kickstarting this year’s conference, was Bella, a keynote speaker from Loudspeaker, who set the tone for the day with an energetic and engaging session which emphasized the importance of using your voice.

In the afternoon, students worked in small groups to present their thoughts and ideas about various aspects of college life to governors and the senior team. They explored topics such as teaching and learning, enrichment activities, future opportunities, and communication within the College; providing recommendations which will help shape the development and delivery of learning, and pastoral provision in the upcoming academic year.

Following the conference, Student Voice Coordinator Cheryl shared: “The highlight for me was seeing those students who would not normally step out of their comfort zones do so – it was just brilliant.”

Thank you to all our brilliant students who joined us for this year’s annual student conference and helped make it the success it was. The annual conference exemplifies the College’s commitment to empowering students across the College and ensuring their voice is heard.