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End of Year Shows 2020

The show must go on!

For companies in the UK creative industries, the coronavirus crisis has been a challenging time – but also new opportunity. Teaching and learning has continued online since closures due to COVID-19. Just like the Creative Industries, our Creative Academy students and staff have been busy adapting and inventing new ways to communicate, make and present their work to an audience. Nothing stops creatives in quarantine!

"Whatever changes have to be made, you have to be confident that this sector will be faster to adapt because the people who populate it shape the change, rather than wait for it."
Sean Duffy - Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms, Barclays
“Our country needs three things: imagination, imagination, imagination!”
Alex Eagle - Founder, Alex Eagle & Creative Director, The Store
"A creative education isn't simply about art, it is about learning to make mistakes, innovating, researching and coming to a fuller understanding of the world through capturing viewpoints and experience."
Amy Smith - Framestore

You can browse our current and upcoming exhibitions and performances below.

Isolation Tapes

Theme: Music Technology Showcase Livestream

Launch Date: 22nd May, 7pm


Theme: Abingdon Art & Design Exhibition

Launch Date: 3rd July, 6pm


Theme: Show-reel of shows, rehearsals, events and productions to date

Launch Date: 25th June, 6pm

Link: Coming Soon!

Theme: Creative Media Abingdon Film & Television Awards (by invite only)

Launch Date: 29th June, 6pm

Link: Coming Soon!

Theme: A diverse show-reel of student media products - music video, short films, adverts and more…

Launch Date: 18th June

Link: Click Here!


Theme: Abingdon Foundation Art & Design Exhibition

Launch Date: 19th June, 6pm


Theme: Class of 2020 - Awards & Celebrations Evening

Launch Date: 12th June

Link: By invitation only

Theme: The Backstage Crew present previous productions

Launch Date: 12th June


Theme: A diverse showreel of student media & games products - music video, short films, animatics, concept art and more…

Launch Date: 24th June


Performing for Pride

Theme: Performing Arts presents Kinky Boots

Launch Date: 30th May, 12pm


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