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Drawing and Painting - Beginners

Course code: QPGV102P

Subject area: Art & Design

Study level: Part Time

Course level: E

Course details

Course time:

18:45 - 21:15

Days of week:


Course date:

18th Sept 2024 - 4th Dec 2024

Course location:

Old Mill Hall

Contact details


01235 555 585

Discover the exciting skills of drawing and create your own unique art samples. This art course will comprise an introduction to basic materials and techniques, with an emphasis on shapes, perspective, quality of line and basic shading. Participants will complete three fully composed pieces and will began to develop a more honed eye.

In order to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to enrol at least 2 ½ weeks prior to the course starting. We will confirm course information two weeks prior to the start date.

This course is an excellent starting point for people who simply want to draw well.

Main topics covered: • Proportion and relative proportion. • Composition and relationship of objects. • The basic rules of using guidelines to help position things correctly. • Main rules of perspective. • Making tonal shading with pencils of different strength or with pen and ink. • Creating a three-dimensional image in pencil (pen and ink or pastel) by using different tonal patterns and knowledge about main rules of perspective.

Do not buy any materials until your course is confirmed as running.

Materials Required For the first session please bring:-B, 2B and 3B drawing pencils, erasers -A2/A3 sketch book or cartridge paper 160 grams

Learners are expected to provide their own drawing pens, which might cost each student £5. The Tutor will advise at the first session on pens etc.

Please note no session on 30/10/24.

What next?
Continue with a further drawing and painting course or explore one of our other creative courses such as water colours, oil painting or life drawing.
Entry criteria
Absolutely no previous experience is required.
Fee information
Learners are expected to provide their own materials, which might cost up to £20. Please do not purchase materials until the course is confimred as running

As part of your course we may organise trips to assist you with your learning. Trips are optional, and you will not be penalised if you choose not to participate.

There are bursaries available to help you with other course costs. Call 01235 216 212 for more information.

The rules on fee reduction are complicated and we would encourage you to talk to our Admissions staff on 01235 555 585 to discuss your options. You can find more information on our Fees and Bursaries page - search "Fees and Bursaries" at the top of the page.

Course fees

19+ Fee:

Tuition Fee: £90.00

Exam Fee: £0.00

Total Cost: £90.00

19+ Reduced Fee:

Tuition Fee: £0.00

Exam Fee: £0.00

Total Cost: £0.00

Learning & method assessment
Teaching & learning methods used: Lecture, demonstration, individual student practice, pair work, group discussion, peer’s evaluation, quiz, exhibition of students’ completed projects.

How will your work be assessed? Observation by tutor Informal feedback by tutor Self-assessment Questions & answers Exhibition of student works followed by evaluation of own and peer ‘s work

As this is a non-accredited course, there is no formal qualification. To track your progress and achievement you will be required to complete a short document.