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No big lecture halls where your opinion isn't heard

You will study in small groups with fellow learners from a mix of ages and backgrounds, providing a sociable, professional and high-achieving learning environment.

Your first step towards university

Access to HE diplomas prepare students for the rigours of university life. They are not seen as inferior to A Levels, BTECs or other qualifications; universities encourage applications from diploma holders and courses are approved by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

Find your path back into education and on the road to university.

Are you considering a university course, but perhaps don’t have the qualifications needed for direct entry? Looking to develop your skills before committing to studying for a degree?

Then an Access to Higher Education course could be the ideal first step!

Learning important study skills within a professional and mature environment, including essay writing and researching, you will have the opportunity to top up your knowledge in your chosen subject and better prepare you for a degree-level course.

You will work in small groups with fellow learners from a mix of ages and backgrounds, with our supportive tutors guiding you throughout the UCAS application process to help you move towards your career goals.

Did you know?

Over 37,000 people registered to study for an Access to HE Diploma in 2017-18.

Our Access to HE courses are recognised and monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) to ensure the highest standards are met.


The best thing returning to and studying at college was the integration with others – we all had the same drive to better ourselves and to get to university.

My favourite part of the course were the discussions and experiments in biology, which were really insightful and enjoyable, along with the teachers who were very helpful and encouraging.

The field of Occupational Therapy is what I have decided to enter, and the Access to HE course has helped me to get there.


This Access course is ideal, as it fits in with my life and around my children because it runs during school time.

Midwifery is what I have wanted to do for years. The course offered all the entry requirements and academic skills I needed to get on the pathway to university, and it’s so handy being close to where I live.

It's been brilliant meeting new people and exploring the range of subjects – biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology – hasn't felt overwhelming, as there is good support there if you need help in certain areas.

Your future career


Environmental Scientist