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The Dog Grooming Room is installed with industry-standard equipment, helping train students to a high standard for this rewarding line of work.

The College is currently running the City & Guilds Level 2 Dog Grooming Assistant qualification at Common Leys Farm, taught by an experienced and friendly instructor.

The grooming room is bright and airy, making it a peaceful environment for confident and nervous pets alike. The multiple spacious stainless-steel grooming tables, complete with adjustable rails for safely restraining dogs, are ideal for building learners' practical skills and ensuring that the animal’s welfare is a priority.

The grooming room is fitted with indoor dog kennels as well as a larger outside kennel block for dogs to be boarded whilst they are waiting for their groom. A range of different size dryers and a large dog bath is also found in this facility and can accommodate different breeds.

There are plenty of storage cupboards and spaces to hold professional tools and materials, including veterinary equipment, as the grooming unit also doubles as an animal care training area.

For the public

We provide a range of affordable, quality dog grooming services available to the public, where your dog's welfare is paramount. Dogs are dropped off at the beginning of the session and collected at the end, for minimal disruption to the lesson.

Dog size

Example breed


Small short haired

Jack Russell

£15 - £20

Small long haired or double coated or wool coat


Yorkshire Terrier

£20 - £25

Medium short haired


£20 - £25

Medium long haired or double coated or wool coat



Golden Retriever

£25 - £30

Large short haired

Great Dane


Large long haired or double coated or wool coat

Alaskan Malamute

Bernese Mountain Dog


£30 - £40

Nail clipping only

All Breeds


For more information or to book an appointment, please email or phone 01993 208148.

Please inform us if you are unable to attend an appointment by phoning Common Leys Reception 01993 208148.

Our prices are so good because all dogs are groomed by our students as part of their City & Guilds course. We cannot guarantee your dog will look exactly the same each time they are groomed. Please be assured that your dog’s welfare is paramount, and all lessons are taught by qualified and experienced members of staff.