Abingdon & Witney College is proud to be Oxfordshire's employer of choice and one of the largest employers in the region boasting approximately 650 staff.

With a brilliant team, we achieve our vision to be a College where everyone achieves more than they believe possible; as together, we achieve the extraordinary. Hear from our Curriculum and Business Support team as they share their favourite bits about their job.

Our Curriculum Team

Our Curriculum Team comprises a variety of positions including our teaching roles: Lecturers, Trainers, Technicians/Demonstrators and Instructors; and those who support our teaching teams: Study Programme Leads, Study Coaches and Curriculum Managers, LSAs, Student Support staff and our SEND team.

Lecturer - Amanda Isard

Our Lecturers share a passion for their trade and sharing their skills with others. They join us as experienced lecturers, qualified teachers, or as individuals who have never taught.

No matter your starting point, if you've got the knowledge of your industry, we here to give you the confidence to teach.

“The best bit about my job is getting to work with students who have such drive and ambition to succeed. Students gain so much from attending College, especially in this course where they are working to industry standards."

Study Programme Leads - Musa Muhammed

Our Study Programme Leads lead on the planning, delivery, assessment, and quality processes for their courses.

They have a drive for helping our learners to succeed, and helping our Lecturers to be the best they can be, by providing high quality teaching and support.

"The Engineering team is really knowledgeable and have a good breadth of teaching and professional industrial experience".

Technicians and Instructors - Pete Collins

Our Technician and Instructors help us to ensure that we are providing high quality training and instruction to our students. They support our teaching staff, and make sure all our equipment are maintained to a high standard.

"It's a constant joy to be working with talented, inspirational, and creative people. I have learnt a lot from my department colleagues; the continual cycle of sharing ideas and working collaboratively keeps things fresh, interesting and makes the College an exciting place to be."

Learning Support Assistant - Vicky Prince

Our LSAs support our students in their learning environment, helping each student to get the most out of their education and to reach their full potential.

“It’s too hard to pick a favourite bit of my job, I love it all! You feel valued here, for your skills, opinions and as an individual.

The College has a great atmosphere, and everyone is always so nice and friendly.”

Student Adviser - Callum Warner

Our student support team are there to ensure that all our students have a positive and enjoyable experience at college.

They give our students a range of general and specialist advice and are there when it matters.

"The best part for me about working at the College, is how supportive my colleagues have been in my work and my studies. They are always willing to help if I ask."

Learning Support Assistant - Jemma Brown

Our LSAs support our students in their learning environment, helping each student to get the most out of their education and to reach their full potential.

“I enjoy every bit of my job! It’s really is all great. My 1:1s give me an opportunity to build trust and get to know each student better, and time in the classroom helps me learn their personalities. The support and management is so different at the College, I know they’re always here to help me and I can fully switch off when I’m outside work.”

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Our Business Support Team

Our Business Support Team are there to ensure that the College operations are runs smoothly and that everything is in place for our students to get the best out of their education. With jobs in admissions, marketing, finance, IT services, estates management, people services and data analysis, there are plenty of opportunities to join our ever growing team.

IT Trainee Support Analyst - Matthew Frost

Matthew joined the College in November 2023, after studying Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University.

He works alongside our IT team as a first point of call, helping students and staff across the College to troubleshoot and fix any problems.

"My favourite part of my job has to be my colleagues and my team. Our work is definitely never boring as we are always out fixing problems, problem solving and managing tasks."

Social Media Communications Lead - Maddison Ball

Maddison joined the College in February 2024, previously worked in Fashion Styling, Visual Merchandising, and as her own manager, having set up her own business.

"The College is a very fun and vibrant place to be. My role allows me to be here there and everywhere, visiting every campus and all our amazing teachers and students.

I love that I get to be creative and that every day is different. The variety in my role is what keeps it engaging and never boring!"

Finance Supervisor - Sarah Baker

Sarah joined the College in January 2021. She's worked in Finance since 1994, having worked for a Motor Vehicle Company, Internet Travel Company, and as a Finance Officer at both a school and college.

"My favourite part of my job is definitely the variety. The Finance office is such a busy environment with lots going on all the time.

We get to meet staff from different departments, not just Business Support, but Curriculum too. And the people are lovely!"

People Operations Manager - Hannah Fry

Hannah joined the College in October 2020, after wanting a career change to working in People Services, having worked as a Primary School Teacher for five years.

“My favourite part of my job is the people.

I love the team that I work in as everyone is always supportive, friendly, and great at solving problems. If I had to describe the College in three words, it would be welcoming, supportive, and inclusive!”

Report & Systems Developer - Jake Buchanan

Jake joined the College in September 2023 and works in our Management Information Systems (MIS) team.

“My favourite part of my job is working with my team members to fix and develop systems and collaborating with other teams to build insightful reports for the College.

I enjoy contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of various processes within the institution.”

Estates Operative - Oludare Maxwell

Our Estates Operatives are responsible for maintaining our four campuses and the College estate, ensuring it is in its' best condition.

Oludare Maxwell joined the College in September 2019 as an Estates Operative, having previously worked as a support worker for mental health in Botley.

"The College is a great place to work, everyone here is always so nice and friendly, and I get on really well with everyone here."

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