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French - Improvers

Course code: LPAU103P

Subject area: Languages

Study level: Part Time

Course level: U

Course details

Course time:

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Days of week:


Course date:

18th Sep 2023 - 8th Jul 2024

Course location:

Abingdon Campus

Contact details


01235 555 585

This is the first in the follow-on courses from your beginners course where you will start to improve your conversation and your understanding of short dialogues and short texts and make yourself understood in a range of increasingly unpredictable everyday situations.

In order to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to enrol at least 2½ weeks prior to the course starting. We will confirm course information two weeks prior to the start date.

During this course you will work to be able to develop a deeper understanding of the subject in applying the language in in relation to certain activities examples of which are listed below

describe a routine and various occupations

talk about characters and their life

begin to narrate past events, past holidays.

deal with simple emergencies (e.g. going to the pharmacist or doctor).

make appointments

talk about how things used to be and express an opinion

Use past tenses with greater accuracy and confidence and report a theft, lost property, incidents and accidents. Describe what happened.

make a complaint.

plan for an outing, leisure activities.

The main topics are designed for those who wish to converse a little more in the language when visiting the country or in a working environment.

If you are to gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your language class, it will be useful to spend some time working between sessions. There will usually be a small amount of homework set each week (up to an hour’s work). When homework is not set, it is still a good idea to spend about that amount of time going over what has been done in class.

Abingdon and Witney College is subject to Ofsted regulation and is required to work with all its students to make sure they understand Government initiatives around Safeguarding, Prevent and Fundamental British Values. Information on these matters will be shared with you during your course.

You will also be asked to complete monitoring paperwork, which helps us to deliver course content to the highest quality.

Please note there will be no teaching sessions on 23/10/23, 18/12/23, 25/12/23, 01/01/24, 12/02/24, 01/04/24, 08/04/24, 15/04/24, 06/05/24, 27/05/24

Facilities at Abingdon campus:

Vending machines and Costa coffee sho

What next?

French Improvers

Entry criteria

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. The standard approximates to the Common European Framework Level A1. It is strongly recommended however for those who are new to the language that you have completed the French beginners A course. If you are a “Rusty” beginner, it is recommended that you speak to one of our tutors who will be able to assess the appropriate level of course for you.

Fee information

A textbook is used to accompany the course, but it is optional to buy this (average cost £20 - £25). The textbook will support your learning for at least 1 year. You may also like to buy a small dictionary. Your tutor will be able to advise you at the first session.

As part of your course we may organise trips to assist you with your learning. Trips are optional, and you will not be penalised if you choose not to participate.

There are bursaries available to help you with other course costs. Call 01235 216 212 for more information.

The rules on fee reduction are complicated and we would encourage you to talk to our Admissions staff on 01235 555 585 to discuss your options. You can find more information on our Fees and Bursaries page - search "Fees and Bursaries" at the top of the page.

Course fees

19+ Fee:

Tuition Fee: £150.00

Exam Fee: £0.00

Materials: £25.00

Total Cost: £175.00

19+ Reduced Fee:

Tuition Fee: £0.00

Exam Fee: £0.00

Materials: £25.00

Total Cost: £25.00

Qualifications received

As this is a non-accredited course, there is no formal qualification. However, you will be asked to complete activities that demonstrate how you are progressing on your course.

Learning & method assessment

Learning activities will mainly be organised in pair work/small groups. Homework every week will be based on a summary sheet of the lesson for you to review in your own time. There will be no formal examination.

As this is a non-accredited course, informal methods of assessment will be used.  You will be required to complete a RARPA form which represents Recognising and Recording your Progress and Achievement.